Firm Overview

Dagrella Law Firm, PLC is a boutique litigation practice specializing in exceptionally complex and high-stakes disputes arising in business transactions. Beyond our broad experience in taking on—and winning—complex and high-stakes cases, what truly sets the firm apart is its ability to offer the same quality of legal representation found at the best and often biggest law firms in the country, but without all of the very high overhead costs and inefficiency that those same law firms pass on to their clientele. We do not charge—ever—for talking to a client, no matter how long the call. We like our clients comfortable calling for any reason, without feeling pressured by a time-clock. Moreover, in contrast to many big firms, we do NOT charge for operating costs and do NOT engage in infamous bill padding. We have had the privilege of developing strong relationships with our clients, so much so that we have never been fired by a client in 22 years of practice—this, very few lawyers can say.