Daughter of Murdered La Verne Couple Responds to Lawsuit Filed by Stepsister

Mischelynn Scarlatelli, daughter of brutally slain Troy and Shirley Isom, filed an answer to her stepsister Darci Isom’s lawsuit that falsely accuses Scarlatelli of elder abuse and forging estate plan documents. The lawsuit was reported on by CBS, NBC and The LA Times.

Scarlatelli is requesting sanctions alleging that sworn affidavits from Troy’s doctors, lawyers, family and closest friends prove all the accusations in Darci Isom’s lawsuit are false and the suit was filed for purposes of blackmail and extortion.

A copy of the motion for sanctions and 20 sworn declarations can be downloaded from this webpage.

Motion for Sanctions (click to download)


On September 24, 2015, the Superior Court of Los Angeles GRANTED our motion for sanctions under Code of Civil Procedure section 128.7. The Court dismissed Darci Isom’s lawsuit with prejudice and ordered her to pay our client, Mischelynn Scarlatelli, attorneys’ fees for having filed a frivolous lawsuit for purposes of harassment.

Court Order Granting Sanctions (click to download)

On February 22, 2017, following a 17-day bench trial, the Superior Court of San Bernardino GRANTED judgment in favor of our client, Mischelynn Scarlatelli, and against Darci Isom, Victoria Jo Isom Taylor and Cameron Troy Isom, on a probate petition that sought to set aside the Will & Trust of Troy and Shirley Isom.  Darci, Victoria and Cameron attacked the validity of the Will & Trust and further claimed that they were entitled to half of their deceased father’s estate because their father allegedly agreed to provide them an inheritance as part of his 1975 divorce settlement with their mother.  The court found they were not entitled to any inheritance under the 1975 divorce settlement and the Will & Trust were valid.

Court Judgment After Trial (click to download)

On April 4, 2019, the California Court of Appeal, in a detailed opinion, AFFIRMED the judgment of the Superior Court.

COURT OF APPEAL OPINION (click to download)